Sermons on John

Sermons on John

10 Commandments

Sunday 12th February Morning Message

This morning Dave Llewellyn looks at the 7th Commandment 7 Do not commit adultery…. We all know adultery is wrong but if the statistics are correct a high percentage of marriages fail because people do not obey the seventh commandment. The message looks at how we can affair proof our marriages PDF for this mornings message
10 Commandments

Sunday 5th February Morning Message

This morning Dave Llewellyn looks at the 8th Commandment 8 Do not steal…. well we should be ok on this commandment as most of us have never robbed a bank or broken into a house. However as you study this commandment you recognise that things are not as straight forward as they first appear.     PDF for this mornings message

Sunday 3rd May Morning Message

This week Dave Llewellyn continues with the series “40 Days in the Word”   Why we can trust the Bible with readings from Genesis, Hebrews, John, Matthew, Peter, Exodus and Leviticus

Sunday 30th March Morning Message

21st Century Prophets Continuing the sermon series 21st Century Prophets Larry Hart writes The primary way in which the Spirit communicates to us is through the Bible.  All other perceived communication from Him should be gauged by Scripture and by the spiritual discernment of seasoned saints.”  DL Moody the great evangelist used to say Sin will keep you from this book … this book will keep you from sin This Weeks Reading’s 1 Corinthians 14:1-4 (NLT)  1  Let love be your highest goal!…
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