Sunday 24th April Morning Message

Sunday 24th April Morning Message

Dave Llewellyn continues the new series looking at the early church in Corinth and how the same challenges present themselves in today’s church. The path a Christian and the church take is seldom straightforward, although it can be creative and life giving it can also get messy.

We are looking at the book of 1 Corinthians together……

In week one I set the scene for why we are studying this book  … put simply we want to engage with the frontlines God has called us to. But in doing that we recognise that things in church will get more complicated … why? … because people often live complicated lives!

So why 1 Corinthians? I think that in many ways it resembles a typical Western city.

They were a prosperous hard working – hard playing sort of people. They were a melting pot of different nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, religions. They were extremely promiscuous … hedonism appeared to rule … If it feels good do it. Sound familiar

Only a tiny percentage were Christian … and when they became Christians they didn’t become saints overnight … far from it as you read this letter you become aware that there were all sorts of issues they were struggling with.

Last week we touched on a number … (please listen to the pod cast if you missed it)

But we concentrated on the deep problem they had with divisions in the church. Probably the main weapon the enemy uses against churches … and he was using it in Corinth.

This week we look at the need for “Humble Hearts”